Thursday, December 30, 2010

Midnight Movie...

One of my all time favorite places for horror movies to take place is a movie theatre.  I think the general theatre atmosphere can only add to a movie, especially if it is supposed to be scary, exciting or both.  The majority of Midnight Movie takes place in an old movie theatre.  The cool old style ones, with only a few screens, a small concession stand and the hallway leading to the different screens.  So already this movie had a lot going for it, imo. 
The movie is about a rare screening of a horror movie.  Well the director/star of the movie has been locked away in an insane asylum, but of course, he escapes on the eve of the showing.  Well the movie plays and soon enough, characters from the audience start dying on the screen.  It seems that the hulking killer from the movie can skip between the screen and real life. 
In addition to the setting, the movie has a other things going for it.  The first is a couple of likable characters.  One of them is fairly amusing even, and has all the good lines.  Since this is a slasher movie, we need well executed gore effects.  This movie delivers a couple of those.  I didn't think they were anything mind blowing, but they were certainly well done.  A couple of the death scenes fall flat, but thats par for the course. 
The design of the killer was pretty cool too.  And I'll commend the movie for taking time to develop the characters before the killing starts. 
It's not all good though.  A few parts of the movie are dull.  This is especially notable once the cat and mouse games start.  You know, the killer has been chasing people around for a while, and you glance at the clock and there is still twenty minutes left.  Hmmmm, not a good sign.  The movie opens and contiues with a great pace but things progressivly slow down as the movie continues.  I'm not saying that it's bad, because its worth a viewing or two, but had the initial energy been maintaing throughout the entire movie, I would have been much happier about the end results. 

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