Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dolly Dearest...

A family moves to Mexico because the father has purchased a toy factory that makes world famous toys.  He gets there to find a dilapidated factory, but fuck it, they already movied into an amazing house with maids and lots of space.  He gives his daughter one of the leftover dolls and before you can say 'Child's Play rip off', his daughter is bonding with the animated doll.  You see, this doll has been possessed by a Mayan spirit which was released from its tomb by a snoopy archaeologist.  Fun fun fun.  Soon enough, the daughter is having spastic fits whenever she is around a priest and mumbling ancient language curse words. 
The whole movie is a play off of Child's Play, but it is pretty well done.  There are a couple good scares and the doll animatronics are ok for the time.  Denise Crosby looked hot from time to time, but here she didn't quite pull it off.  Maybe it was the sweaty locations, but something seemed off with her. 
There is scattered gore, but none of it is over the top or abusrd or anything like that. 
This came out in a time when all the big horror franchises has already faltered and people were scrambling to find a new horror hero.  Well, it wasn't Dolly Dearest. 
That said, the movie isn't unwatchable but it's also far from great. 

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