Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sorority House Massacre...

I remember, at the height of the home video boom, going to stores and selecting movies based off of the box art.  There were so many titles that promised gold and delivered shit, yet they were big renters due to their superb cover art.  Microwave Massacre comes to mind when I think of that situation.  In hindsight, I was a young boy, so basically any box promising bloodshed and tits was going to be a hit and I did base many many many many movie rentals off of box art with a big titted babe on the cover.  Sorority House Massacre was one of those rentals.  I was already a slasher movie fan, and the cover art for this fed into all of my interests.  It was a picture of a girl in a sexy outfit and there was a silhouette of a guy with a knife looking through the window at her.  Haha!  It's classic VHS cover art.  I don't remember specifically, but the girl on the cover might not have even been in the movie.  Back then, that was a common occurance, pictures of people on the cover who weren't even in the movie. 
Through all my years of movie watching and collecting I have never seen a VHS of this besides the time that I rented it.  It is on DVD now though.  I often read reviews of this where people completely confuse it with Slumber Party Massacre.  I think later sequels of that movie are tied into the sequel to this movie, so I think that is where the confusion comes from. 
As a slasher movie, this one is ok.  The set up is about a group of girl who are having a party at a house and one of the girls is psychically linked to events that had happened in the house in the past.  The first half of this is pretty cool.  They have a lot of shots of the girl and the killer having similar behavior and the girl even mimicing his behavior.  I thought those shots were great and added a lot to the movie.  In fact, I say that added to the creepiness factor, something which a lot of similar movies of the time were lacking.  Of course, the killer eventually shows up and it falls in place with standard slasher fare. 
I like the fact that the film makers tried to do something a little different with this and although it does turn into a generic slasher movie, I say it is still worth a watch.