Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crimson Screens review on Lunchmeat VHS blog and more news!

A while back, I sent a  copy of #7 to Lunchmeat, not necessarily to review, but to read because they cover a lot of the same things that I do and we both have a love for VHS.  Luckily, they liked it and took the time to write some nice words about it on their blog.  You can read the blog here...

Also, issue #8 is still available.  If you want a copy, just email me:

I started work on a book that I will be publishing.  This whole writing thing has helped me through some hard time and recently it has been helping me through some health issues.  I have always been a fan of review books like the Psychotronic books, The Splatter Movie Review books, Terror On Tape and other similar titles, so I figured why not give something like that a try.  There will be a lot of reviews, but it won't be a straight review book.  I am going to include lots of stories that fit in with the movies I review.  I have some good stories about collecting, video stores, theatres and more.  I will post more info about this as the process progresses.