Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This title immediately grabbed my attention due to its cool box art, the black alien in an outer space setting.  I had seen pieces of this on Saturday afternoon TV but I had never seen the entire thing.  It seemed to be a common movie at the time, since most rental stores of the day had a copy of it.  In the 90's, when many video rental stores were closing, I bought a copy of it from the epic Movie World who were, unfortunately a casualty of Blockbuster.  They always cut the VHS boxes to fit them into the white clamshell boxes that they rented, so the collector value of titles from that legendary store are pretty low, unless you find someone who just has to have a certain title.  Creature was always in the science fiction section of that store, but a lot of other great titles were, as well. 
Anyway, the movie is mostly about an alien offing people aboard a space ship.  You see, they are on a rescue mission.  They encounter a rogue scientist, who is the highlight of the movie.  He is played by Klaus Kinski, who is pretty much wacked out in any role he plays.  Another highlight of the movie is the tremendous gore.  There is a lot of alien related violence.  A lot of the aliens victims come back as zombies, so there is a lot of action in regards to that, as well.  My favorite setpiece was the alien biting off a female characters head, blood splashing everywhere and then the head plops to the ground.  It's a classic 80's gore scene, completely over the top and in your face. 
As of now, Creature isn't readily available on DVD.  There is a cheap public domain copy that shouldn't run you over $10.  The quality is ok, but the colors are real soft, especially in scenes that take place in the light.  I own two copies on VHS and they both look at least the same as the DVD.  The movie doesn't cost you a lot if you track it down on DVD or VHS and is very worth checking out. 

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