Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mirrors 2...

Everyone who writes for Crimson Screens was a big fan of Mirrors.  I'm overly critical of movies sometimes but I thought Mirrors was great.  It did get a little silly towards the end but overall, I had a great time watching it. 
I saw an advertisement for Mirrors 2 and immediately wanted to check it out. 
Well, it's not too hot.  The plot is about a security guard who sees a ghost in a mirror.  We quickly find out that the ghost is the spirit of someone who died and now they are out to get the people who killed her.  The acting is ok, there is some overacting (especially from one of the bad guys).  The cast is full of "should have been famous" people like Nick Stahl and Emmanuelle Vaugier.  Ms. Vaugier has some weird shit going on with her eyes, like one looks noticably bigger than the other one, and it's distracting as fuck when there are close ups of her face, 
There is a good amount of gore.  Some of it is practical effects and some is CGI.  The practical stuff looks great.  The CGI is passable but is very obvious, especially when it is mixed with the practical effects.  Blah.  There is a great decapitation scene and some guy eats glass and gets mega fucked up. Also, lots of surgically enhanced boobs. 
Mirrors 2 is very loosely linked to the original Mirrors, if that matters.  I kind of missed Keifer Sutherland though.  Mirrors 2 is watchable, even a little enjoyable, but pretty unnecessary. 

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