Sunday, October 24, 2010

12 Hours Of Terror @ The Capitol Theatre, Cleveland Ohio

The great Capitol Theatre on W. 65th and Detroit, decided to show twelve hours of horror movies last Saturday night.  The line up was...
Nightmare On Elm Street (which replaced Halloween, which was on early fliers)
The Dead Matter
Night Of The Creeps
The Devil's Rejects
Child's Play
and a surprise secret screening. 
Of course, we weren't going to miss this. 
We got there early and they were showing old movie trailers.  Lots of cool stuff was shown and I don't think some of the people expected the nudity levels that were in some of the trailers.  Ha! 
I won't review most of the movies becasue entire books have been written about them and the others are well known enough already.  I will talk about the ones I had not seen. 
After the first movie, some fatso drunk lady was on her phone and someone told her to shut the fuck up but she argued and bye bye fatso drunk lady.  Later on, she was seen in the lobby yelling about Child's Play being last.  "You shouldn't make everyone wait to see Chucky!  It's just wrong!"  Hahaha!  Cleveland scum. 
The Dead Matter was the second movie of the night.  It was a vampire and zombie mix.  The big hype was that it was locally made.  That is cool.  Unfortunately, the movie was hard to sit through and totally killed the momentum that Nightmare On Elm Street created.  It did have some name actors (including Tom Savini) but the movie dragged something fierce and seemed a lot longer than it actually was.  Pass. 
The surprise secret screening was a movie called Primal.  It was a backwoods monster/slasher movie.  I was happy that they gave some exposure to a newer movies.  Primal wasn't too bad.  In fact, some part were pretty cool.  The make up and effects work was pretty good, as well.  My only complaint was that the monsters shriek was annoying as fuck.  The very end of the movie got a lot of intentional laughs.  Check it out! 
Night Of The Creeps was next.  Everyone knows about that, but I was thrilled to see it in the theater.  A+++++ movie. 
I hope they continue to do this every year.  The turnout was really good and people were spending lots of money on food and drinks.  Plus, they served beers so I guess a lot of people liked that too.  Not this guy though!  Haha.
Btw, the trailer for Gone With The Pope looked fantastic and I will be seeing that for sure on November 6th. 

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