Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stone Cold...

Brian Bosworth plays a policeman who doesn't play by the rules.  He is already suspended before he fucks up a few guys who are trying to rob a supermarket.  He gets put on extra super bad suspension then and is, kind of, blackmailed by the FBI to go undercover and try to bust a motorcycle gang.  He infiltrates the motorcycle gang with minimal effort.  Soon enough he is eyeballing the leaders girlfriend.  Throw in a major "jail break" scheme and we have an action classic on our hands! 

There is really no reason why this movie flopped at theatres when it was released.  The movie has everything that an action movie needs to suceed.  Let's investigate...

- While Brian Bosworth isn't a great actor, he does a solid job as a wisecracking, sarcastic lead. 

- The movie has solid bad guys.  We get Lance Henriksen as the gangs leader.  Lance Henriksen doesn't fuck up movies, he makes them great.  He plays his role differently, definitely bad ass but with a little jokester thrown in.  We also get William Forsythe as his right hand man.  He fucks up everyone in his way and has a great motorcycle chase/shootout with Brian Bosworth.  When William Forsythe is on, he is on, and he is on here. 

- Whoever plays the girlfriend of Lance Henriksen's character (way too lazy to look it up) is a mega babe.  I'll have to see if she is in any other movies.  Let's check...  Ok, her name is Arabella Holzbog.  It looks like she is in Carnosaur 2.  I'll have to check that out.  It looks like she is in a couple episodes of Red Shoe Diaries, so maybe there is some tit action somewhere, I don't know, I'll have to look into that when I'm not at work!  Anyway, Arabella Holzbog, major babe!  There are a decent amount of boobs on display here, so it's got that too. 

- The ending.  The action throughout the movie is great, fist fights, shoot outs and motorcycle chases.  Well, the end battle goes in every direction, with excellent gun fights and lots of blood.  It must really be seen to be believed.  It's almost silly how over the top it is, but I couldn't help but love it because of how the action/violence level flies into the stratosphere.  A completely grand way to end a great movie. 

This is easily purchased on DVD for less than $10 and it worth three times that.  Highly recommended!!!


  1. This is a truly iconic, hugely entertaining 80's B action flick. Great cheese for sure.

  2. It was filmed mostly around my hometown. My cousin and I managed to be extras as some background bikers in the film.