Monday, January 23, 2012

Update for 23 January 2012...

We have been hard at work on a new issue, which will be Issue #11: The Cinema Wasteland Edition.  This will be out by the upcoming Cinema Wasteland Convention.  You can read more about that here...    That is a great place to gather new readers.  Issue #11 will be much larger than the regular issues, approximately 10 to 30 pages.
I got an email from some guy claiming to be able to get this zine into "every major book outlet in the US".  All bullshit sensors immediately go into high gear because no such place exists for fanzines anymore, but I opted to let this play out.  I replied, with excitement, about how much I appreciated his help.  He wrote back and asked for my phone number so we could discuss this.  He called (from a blocked number) and informed me that his fee was one thousand dollars and that he knew it was a lot of money but if I wired him the money that day, Crimson Screens would be in "every major book outlet in the United States!"  I said, "well shit, how can I pass that up?  let me call my accountant.  What's your number so I can call you back?"  He has some excuses about being in and out of the office and how it would be easier to call me back when he had the time, "you know, time is money, I can't be waiting around for calls" (lol).  So I said, "give me an hour or two to get this figured out and call me back and i'll the get the info on where to wire it to".  That guy called 26 times!  I was born at night, but not last night....
There is a lot of solid video product coming out in February, so we will have reviews of all of that, plus other things we have aquired since issue #10.
A few people have written and asked about placing adds.  We will not be printing adds.  There is too little space to use it by printing adds for bootleg DVD companies.
Issue #11 will have two new contributors.
More updates soon....

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